The Department of Forest and Natural Environment Sciences is located in Drama, Eastern Macedonia (Northern Greece) and is part of the School of Geotechnical Sciences, International Hellenic University (IHU).
The prefecture of Drama is one of the 13 prefectures of Macedonia. It borders to the North with Bulgaria, to the West with the prefecture of Serres, to the South with the prefecture of Kavala and to the East with the prefecture of Xanthi.The prefecture of Drama with unique habitats and stunning forest landscapes demonstrates an exceptional natural scenery due to the location, the geography of the region, the climate, soil and the geological history of the place. It’s natural environment includes almost all vegetation zones that one can meet in Greece. The flora of the region is very rich in plant species, including unique ones for Greece. The fauna of Drama is also reach in species and populations. Wildlife includes bears, golden eagles, Deers, wild boars, wildcats and many many others and of course a wide variety of birds.
Due to its unique location and academic experience the Department offers and excellent academic training based on a reformed Curriculum, fully compliant with the Bologna Accord.
The Department of Forest and Natural Environment Sciences welcomes all exchange students within the Erasmus framework from partner Universities with a valid bilateral agreement who wish to fulfill a part of their studies and/or a traineeship on the following broad scientific areas: 

- Ecology & Biodiversity Conservation

- Management, Protection of Natural Resources & Climate Change and

- Landscape Architecture & Restoration

 Lepida waterfallFrakto ForestFrakto Forest

Bilateral Agreements
The information on the existing bilateral agreements can be obtained by contacting the Erasmus+ Office of the Kavala IHU Branch.

Course Catalogue
Although courses are normally taught in Greek in order to facilitate the Erasmus mobility, English courses are offered for Erasmus Students each academic year. Erasmus+ courses at the of Forest and Natural Environment Sciences, are offered only in spring semester, therefore recommended arrival date for Erasmus+ students is around the middle of February.
Please see all active Courses taught in English, offered to Erasmus+ students for the academic year 2021-2022.

Course Code

Course Title



Applied Mechanics



Watershed Management



Forest and Environmental Statistics



Forest Ecology



Wood Technology & Biocomposites



Hydrogeomorphology and Hydrologic Disasters



Forest Biometrics



Geographic Information Systems



Wood & Urban Greenspaces



Environmental Remote Sensing



Forest Resource Planning & Management I



Landscape Restoration



Forest Resource Planning & Management II



Chemistry & Chemical Products of Wood



Forest Economics-Appraisal  & Investment Evaluation



Management and Protection of Semi-aquatic ecosystems



Student’s Accommodation
The Department of Forest and Natural Environment Sciences does not have dormitories in its campus for Erasmus exchange students. If you wish to stay in a room at IHU - Kavala Campus students' dormitory premises (nearby city,40 minutes by bus), please contact the Erasmus+ Office of the Kavala IHU Branch.
On the other hand, you can look for an apartment in the city of Drama, approximately 1 km away from the Campus by public transportation.

Student Restaurant
Our Campus offers two free meals at the Student Restaurant situated at the city center. Erasmus students can benefit from the Student’s restaurant as well, which is open during the academic year, every day from Monday to Sunday.


Dpt of Forest and Environmental Sciences

Language Requirements
B2 English Language Level

ECTS/Erasmus Coordinator of the Department
Dr. Antonios Papadopoulos, Associate Professor

Upon your arrival at the Erasmus Office of the International Hellenic University Branch of Kavala

All Erasmus Students have to Check-in at the Erasmus Office of the IHU Kavala IHU Branch
(nearby city, 40 min by bus):

  • Either submit a certificate of arrival for signature or ask for a certificate of arrival from the Erasmus Office
  • Obtain the “Erasmus ID Card” (necessary for the Secretariat of the Department, the Restaurant etc)
  • Non-EU Students can get instructions regarding their residence permit

 Enroll at the Department of Forest and Environmental Sciences in Drama

The documents needed for the enrolment of exchange students at the Secretariat of their Faculty are the following:

  • A Copy of the Erasmus ID card issued by the Erasmus Office of the IHU Branch in Kavala
  • Letter of Acceptance as an Erasmus+ student issued by the Erasmus Office
  • A copy of your Learning Agreement
  • A copy of the Personal Information Sheet which will be provided to you by the Secretariat Office.

All the above must be submitted to the Secretariat’s Office upon arrival which is located on the ground Floor of the Department, daily from 11.00-12.00. The administration staff will provide you with information and instructions on how to apply on‐line for your Academic ID Card  (“passo”), which gives you access to university libraries, your academic schedule, e-services, restaurant, and entitles students to discount rates on public transportation.


Istitutional Account: Upon successful completion of your registration you will receive a mail message which will contain two numbers, the APM (University Registry Number) and OTP (one time password). Use those two numbers along with the instructions to self-register in order to acquire your Institutional User Account at the following URL The web interface is available in English.

After your account activation process, you will automatically have access to all institutional and federated applications working with the Central Authentication Service (  of the IHU such as: .

  • E-Secretariat Services (access to grades, courses, Department and Faculty announcements),
  • E- services for Book Distribution
  • E-services of Students National Academic ID aquisition

 Your institutional user account is enabled as long as your academic status is active.

Nestos river (Paranesti area)National Academic ID
To apply for a national academic ID (a.k.a. "Paso" which includes a public transport discount pass), please visit the national academic ID service (
/Default.aspx?l=en). The National Academic ID web interface is available in English.


Access to The Erasmus Office of the Kavala IHU Branch  and Drama IHU Branch 

- By airplane (

With a direct fly to Athens (ATH), Thessaloniki (SKG), Kavala (KVA) or Alexandroupoli (AXD) airport  and then by other means of transport (train or bus) to your final destination (Kavala/Drama).
Αfter you  have landed in Thessaloniki, you have to take the bus route #78 to the Central Bus Station  Macedonia.
From there you have to take the bus to Kavala in order to visit the main Erasmus Office of the Kavala IHU Branch. Once you have arrived in Kavala take the city bus #4 to visit the IHU Branch and then ask about the Erasmus Office, which is located at the ground floor of the library building.

- By train (

The National Railway Company is called “OSE”. Thessaloniki’s Railway Station is centrally located (28 Monastiriou Str.) and is conveniently connected with the rest of the city via public transportation. If you are coming to Thessaloniki via Athens the “Express” or “Intercity” trains are suggested in order to travel faster. 

- By bus (

The National Bus Company is called “KTEL”. If you are coming to Thessaloniki via Athens, it is a 511km (approximately 6 hours) journey. In order to travel by bus to Thessaloniki or from Thessaloniki to any destination in Greece like Kavala or Drama you may find all the necessary information by contacting the “Makedonia Intercity Bus Station (KTEL) of Thessaloniki (

After your visit with the Erasmus Office of Kavala, you can take the Bus to Drama, from the main bus station of the city. It is a 30km route (approximately 40min). 

Forest Field Trip

Before you leave the Department of Forest and Environmental Sciences
 - Be sure that you have completed all the tasks set by your academic tutors and have returned all the books       to the library.
 - Inform the Secretariat office of your departure so you can de-register.
 When you de - register
 - You must submit to the secretariat office the “registered courses” form which will be supplied to you by              the Secretariat office
 - You have to submit all the required documents (e.g. learning agreement, changes made during the             
    mobility) in case you have forgotten to do so during the semester
- You have to submit your Academic id



Transcript of Records
Once the required documents are submitted, the Secretariat Office will prepare the transcript of  records
so you can transfer the credits you’ve achieved at the Department of to your home University.
The transcript of records will be sent to your University and to you via e-mail approximately two
to three weeks after the examinations have finished.


Grading System

Description of the institutional grading system 
According to the Greek grading system, the mark equivalence is as follows:

10 – 8.5


8.4 – 6.5


6.4 - 5



minimum passing grade

4 - 0

equal FAIL

 ECTS grading scale:

ECTS Grade

% of successful students normally achieving the grade
















EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors

VERY GOOD - above the average standard but with some errors

GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors

SATISFACTORY - fair but with significant shortcomings

SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria

FAIL - some more work required before the credit can be awarded

FAIL - considerable further work is required


ECTS credits:

1 full academic year     =  60 credits
1 semester                  =  30 credits
1 term/trimester          =  20 credits

   International Hellenic University - Kavala Campus staff and Department Coordinators
   Mr. Nikos Kiourtis, International Office Coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +30 2510462290
   Mrs. Fei Georgiadou, Erasmus+ staff, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +30 2510462221

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