Name of qualification and title conferred

Degree in Forest and Natural Environment Sciences

Level of qualification:

1st Cycle of Studies – Undergraduate Degree

Official length of program:

Duration in years                                                             5

Weeks per year                                                               38

ECTS credits                                                                   300

Total load of work                                                            7500 hours

Student Practical Training                                                2 months during the studies

Diploma Thesis                                                                Compulsory


Program requirements

In order to graduate from the Department of Forest and Natural Environment Sciences, students have to successfully complete all the courses, compulsory and optional, offered by the Program of Studies. The minimum ECTS credits required for graduation is 300, distributed as follows: 240 ECTS credits obtained from 48 compulsory courses, 30ECTS obtained from 10 optional courses, Diploma Thesis 30 ECTS credits, mandatory 2-month Student Practical Training. Assessment methods include written or oral exams, essays or a combination of the above-mentioned methods.

Upon graduating from the undergraduate program of the Department of Forest and Natural Environment Sciences, graduates will be equipped with:

  • The necessary knowledge background to assess the ecological condition of natural ecosystems and identify their threats and dynamics, to manage forests, to utilize their products and to create the necessary infrastructure for the protection and management of natural ecosystems.
  • The ability to conceptualize contemporary environmental issues and challenges which jeopardize the balance between natural and social systems and promote solutions for the sustainable development and use of natural resources.
  • State-of-the-art tools and methods for spatial analysis, collection of data and information, forest management, evaluation and utilization of forest products and planning of forest infrastructures.
  • Methods and tools for the design and development of green infrastructures in urban and suburban environment
  • The ability to creatively cooperate with professionals from other disciplines in developing sustainable solutions in complicated environmental issues.

In terms of career opportunities, the aforementioned skills and competences confer on the graduates of the Forest and Natural Environment Sciences the ability to offer a variety of services in various sectors. These include the Forest Service, The Management Bodies of Protected Areas, the Departments for Green Infrastructure of Local governments etc.  In the private sector they can offer their professional services in any projects related to forest and ecosystem management, environmental and ecological studies, infrastructures in forest areas, the monitoring of nature (flora, fauna, communities, ecosystems) etc.

Access to further study:

The qualification allows access to postgraduate studies.


Professional status:

Graduates of the Department of Forest and Natural Environment Sciences are issuing a certificate of commencement of professional activity as Forest Engineers – Environmentalists under the provisions of Presidential Decree (PD) number 344/2000 (G.G. 297/2000 issue A’) as modified and effective  with PD 95/2017 (GG 135/2017 issue A’).