We combine the teaching of theory in lectures, seminars and tutorials with the application of theory in forest-based practical classes and week-long field courses. The relaxed and informal atmosphere of seminars and tutorials encourages lively debate over current and contentious issues, and there are opportunities to discuss some of these issues with forestry professionals during forest visits. Modules are assessed using a variety of methods involving coursework and examination.
On this course you will study through a range of lectures, tutorials, seminars and fieldwork. Our course allows you to expand your studies into new areas or develop specializations that interest you. Many of our staff are world-leading researchers, so you will be learning at the forefront of research into key global issues. You will be taught by experts through a variety of lectures, seminars, laboratory practicals and fieldwork, all to develop your knowledge, understanding and expertise in your chosen subject.


School: Geotechnical Sciences
Department: Forest and Natural Environment Sciences
Program of Study: Forest and Natural Environment Sciences 
Level: Undergraduate

Study Guide


Courses of 1st semester

Code Title ECTS Type
A.Y.1 Foreign Language Terminology (English) 3 FL
A.Y.2 Ecology 6 COR
A.Y.3 Technical Design 6 COR
A.Y.4 Research Methods & Thesis Writing 6 COR
A.Y.5 Morphology and Physiology of Plants 6 COR
A.Y.6 Mathematics 6 COR


Courses of 2nd semester

Code Title ECTS Type
B.Y.1 Wildlife Biology 5 COR
B.Y.2 Applied Mechanics 4 COR
B.Y.3 Topography & Land Survey 6 COR
B.Y.4 Edaphology 5 COR
B.Y.5 Forest Products Harvesting and Biomass 5 COR
B.Y.6 Landscape Architecture 5 COR

Courses of 3rd semester

Code Title ECTS Type
C.Y.1 Watershed Management 5 COR
C.Y.2 Design in Digital Environments 5 COR
C.Y.3 Systematic Botany 5 COR
C.Y.4 Evaluation and assessment of ecosystem services 5 COR
C.Y.5 Landscape Analysis and Synthesis 5 COR
C.Y.6 Forest and Environmental STatistics 5 COR

Courses of 4th semester

Code Title ECTS Type
D.Y.1 Forest Ecology 5 COR
D.Y.2 Hydrogeomorphology and Hydrologic Disasters 6 COR
D.Y.3 Forest Botany (Conifers, Broadleafs) 5 COR
D.Y.4 Forest Entomology 5 COR
D.Y.5 Forest Biometrics 5 COR
D.Y.6 Wood Technology & Biocomposites 4 COR


Courses of 5th semester

Code Title ECTS Type
E.Y.1 Geographic Information Systems 4 COR
E.Y.2 Wood & Urban Green Spaces 4 COR
E.Y.3 Silviculture 4 COR
E.Y.4 Forest Pathology 4 COR
E.Y.5 Rangeland Ecology 4 COR
E.Y.6 Mitigating Hydrologic Disasters and Works – Methods of protection 4 COR
OPT. 1  Chemistry 3 OPT
OPT. 2  Physics 3 OPT
OPT. 3  Geology 3 OPT
OPT. 4  Wildlife Study Design: Theory and Practice 3 OPT
OPT. 5  Management and protection of semi-aquatic ecosystems 3 OPT
OPT. 6  Agroforestry 3  OPT
OPT. 7  Digital Photogrammetry 3  OPT

Courses of 6th semester

Code Title ECTS Type
F.Y.1 Green Spaces Design 4 COR
F.Y.2 Rangeland Management 5 COR
F.Y.3 Forest Resource Planning and Management I 5 COR
F.Y.4 Landscape Restoration 5 COR
F.Y.5 Environmental Remote Sensing 5 COR
OPT. 8  Conservation biology 3 OPT
OPT. 9 Biology of Freshwater Fish 3 OPT
OPT. 10 Forest Energy Resource Management 3 OPT 
OPT. 11 Forest Products Marketing 3 OPT
OPT. 12 Design in Digital Environments (3D) 3 OPT
OPT. 13 Building Materials & Elements of Concrete 3 OPT
OPT. 14 European & Tropical Woods 3 OPT 
OPT. 15 Snow Management 3 OPT 


Courses of 7th semester

Code Title ECTS Type
G.Y.1 Forest Fires 6 COR
G.Y.2 Wildlife Ecology and Management 6 COR
G.Y.3 Forest Resource Planning and Management II 6 COR
G.Y.4 Forest Road Engineering 6 COR
OPT. 16 Meteorology – Climatology – Climate Change 3 OPT
OPT. 17 Ecohydrology and its practices 3 OPT
OPT. 18 Environmental Impact Assessment 3 OPT 
OPT. 19 Principles of Spatial Analysis 3 OPT 
OPT. 20 Environmental Education 3 OPT 
OPT. 21 Evolutionary Biology 3 OPT 
OPT. 22 Irrigation in the Urban Environment 3 OPT 
OPT. 23 Applied Informatics 3 OPT 
OPT. 24 Nursery Organization and Management 3 OPT 


Courses of 8th semester

Code Title ECTS Type
H.Y.1 Chemistry & Chemical Products Of Wood 6 COR
H.Y.2 Ornamental Plants 6 COR
H.Y.3 Urban Forestry 6 COR
H.Y.4 Forest-Environmental Policy 6 COR
OPT. 25 Mushroom Science 3 OPT
OPT. 26 Ornithology 3  OPT 
OPT. 27 Molecular Biology 3  OPT 
OPT. 28 Game Farming 3  OPT 
OPT. 29 Analysis and Management of Meteorological Disasters 3  OPT 
OPT. 30 Landscape & Wildlife Photography 3  OPT 
OPT. 31 Protecting Sensitive Ecosystems from Climate Change 3  OPT 
H.Y.5 Student Practical Training - PRT


Courses of 9th semester

Code Title ECTS Type
I.Y.1 Wildlife and Society 5 COR
I.Y.2 Forest Genetics 5 COR
I.Y.3 Forest Law 5 COR
I.Y.4 Forest Economics-Appraisal and Investment Evaluation 5 COR
I.Y.5 Urban Ecology 4 COR
OPT. 32 Environmental Modelling 3 OPT
OPT. 33 Ecology and Management Of Invasive Species 3 OPT
OPT. 34 Spatial Analysis Applications in Forest Ecosystem Management 3 OPT
OPT. 35 Forest Genetics and Adaptation – Evolution of Populations 3 OPT
OPT. 36 Forest Recreation - Ecotourism 3 OPT
OPT. 37 Geobotany 3 OPT
OPT. 38 Ecology of Animal Behavior 3 OPT
OPT. 39 Forest Construction Works 3 OPT
OPT.40 Ecosystem-Based Approaches to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts 3 OPT
OPT. 41 Indicators to Detect Climate Change 3 OPT


 Courses of 10th semester

Code Title ECTS Type
J.1 Diploma Thesis 30 DT